Apple sues Samsung in Japan over patents (as usual)

Apple sues Samsung in Japan over patents (as usual)

Yes. We get it. Under Tim Cook, you still are the douchebags. We don’t need you to keep suing poor little Samsung to make us think that. If you haven’t heard, Apple has decide to extend their case to Japan over patent infringements on the iPhone and the iPad.

According to Reuters, the company is seeking to suspend the sales of the Galaxy S and the Galaxy S II smartphones and the Galaxy Tab 7 tablet.

It appears the decision to sue the Korean maker could have been based on bitter rivalry in the market after the Galaxy S outsold the iPhone in Japan in the first three months of the year.

If you quick background: Apple has launched cases against Samsung in Australia, the United States, Korea and across Europe. All of these are based on the same reason – patent infringement. In Europe, however, Apple has been caught faking evidence (twice) – which goes to show that Apple really fears Samsung and Android.

This is why we can’t get nice things – because Apple will claim it as the iPhone or the iPad and sue it until it disappears. Not everything has to be the f**king iPad.

And now, I have certainty guaranteed that I’m in Apple’s black list. Great.

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