Apple sues Motorola over multitouch patents

Apple sues Motorola over multitouch patents

Joining the list of companies Apple is suing, Motorola now faces the raft of Steve Jobs after the company has filed two separate lawsuits claiming that Motorola has infringed on its patent on multitouch – and no surprise, the devices claimed are all using the Android platform.

The devices include the Droid series (Droid, Droid 2 and Droid X), the Cliq and Backflip (the GSM version of the Cliq), Devour and the Charm 1.

According to Patently Apple, the iPhone maker has claimed that Motorola has infringed on six patents, which are:

  1. Apple, Inc patent titled: Ellipse Fitting for Multi-Touch surfaces
  2. Apple, Inc patent titled: Multipoint Touchscreen
  3. Taligent, Inc patent titled: Object-Orientated System Locator System
  4. Apple, Inc patent titled: Touch Screen Device, Method, and Graphical User Interface for Determining Commands by Apply Heuristics
  5. Apple Computer, Inc. patent titled: Method and Apparatus for Displaying and Accessing Control and Status Information in a Computer System
  6. Apple Computer, Inc. patent titled: Support for Custom User-Interaction Elements in a Graphical, Event-Driven Computer System

The lawsuit, along with its lawsuit against HTC – another highly popular Android maker – seems to be Apple’s retaliation against the Google-made mobile operating system in order to stop Android gaining some traction in the mobile devices space.

Apple is seeking an injunction on the devices sold, along with damages, royalties and legal costs – something that could spell the disaster for Motorola, who only had experienced a resurgence after years of failing products after the very popular RAZR phone.

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