Apple still keeps Samsung out of Germany as court upholds injunction

Apple still keeps Samsung out of Germany as court upholds injunction
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

The tablet that Apple does not want you see, buy or touch - because it apparently looks like the iPad

The Samsung/Apple war looks like to get a bit worse for Samsung, with a German court upholding an injunction requested by the iPad maker to ban sales of rival Android-powered device – the Samsung Galaxy tablets.

With this ruling, this pretty much secure the iPad as the dominant tablet maker in Germany as no other alternative, minus a very tiny minority such as the Motorola XOOM, is good in comparison. So much for “Think Different”?

Apple claims that the Galaxy tablets and mobile phones are copies of the iPad and iPhone (which I call total bulls**t); and has successfully managed a ban in Australia and are seeking bans in Korea and across Europe. Samsung, however, has also countersued Apple over patent infringements.

I would go off on a rant about Apple at this point – as James Wilson, who usually would write in this section, doesn’t – but I’ve pretty much said a lot of things about Apple being douchebags, practising monopolistic behaviour in the tablet realm and are just arseholes. But I think you can pretty much read the previous stories to find out how much I really do hate Apple.

Source: Reuters

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