Apple, News Corp delay The Daily

Apple, News Corp delay The Daily

Those who wanted tabloid and trashy journalism, you have to wait a bit. Just a day when leaks of images purporting to show The Daily newspaper layout, Apple and News Corp have decided to delay the announcement of the supposed launch on January 19.

According to Media Memo, the push back is being attributed to allow Apple time to tweak its subscription service so that it can sell publications through the iTunes platform. The delay is expected to be weeks after the supposed date, rather than a longer delay that could take months.

Leaks of the publication highlight that the site will heavily integrate social networking, pushing a lot of video and will obviously will have a tabloid slant – as based on the headlines such as “A Bridge to Favre” and “Oprah’s Biggest Gamble”.

Subscription models have also bee rumoured to be where Apple automatically bills you on either a monthly or weakly basis. Editions will be delivered (via download) every morning – similar to an actual newspaper.

News Corp have confirmed the delay to Peter Kafka, but Apple has declined to comment.

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