Apple is updating the Mac Pro - and it's really fast, and really small

Apple is updating the Mac Pro - and it's really fast, and really small


Guess what, Apple is not ditching the Mac Pro. Apple has confirmed that the Mac Pro will be getting an upgrade, with the next-generation model sporting a brand new Xeon processor, faster memory, and a brand new body that is one-eighth the size of the current generation. Oh, and did we mention this is being made in America, not in China?

The internal specs sound impressive – and it has to be, because this one is used by creative professionals. It has a next-generation Xeon processor with up to 12 cores, dual AMD FirePro GPUs with a processing power of seven teraflops, and fast ECC memory that can deliver up to 60GBps of bandwidth. Storage is now flash memory, as opposed to disk, allowing it to be ten times faster than conventional hard drives.

All of that can let you seamlessly edit full-resolution 4K video while doing something else, like rendering effects, in the background.

Inputs include six Thunderbolt 2 ports that deliver twice the speed of the current Thunderbolt standards. And because Thunderbolt can be daisy-chained, you can support up to six devices per port – allowing 36 peripherals to be connected. This probably means that if you want to increase the storage, you will need to get external hard drives on Thunderbolt.

The next generation Mac Pro will come out later in the year.

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