Did Apple fake evidence to ban the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe?

Did Apple fake evidence to ban the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe?

Screenshot from the filing. (Image: Webwered.nl)

Apple may have produced false evidence in a case that resulted in the banning of rival Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany, with the one produced in the case is being claimed to not match the proportions of the actual device.

The ban of the tablet affects the entire EU, with the exception of the Netherlands. There is a separate case there but a ban has not been put in place, yet. In addition, Apple has managed to ban the product in Australia before it goes on sale.

According to Dutch publication Webwereld.nl, it claims that the image used in the filing appears to be more like an original iPhone 3G and photoshopped to make it appear like the Galaxy Tab 10.1. While it’s hard to get the scaling, Webwereld claimed that the screen aspect ratio is incorrect. The Galaxy Tab 10.1’s screen aspect ratio is 1.36, while the one in the filing is 1.46.

Obviously, producing false evidence in a civil suit could jeapodise Apple’s claim of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 infringing on its design trademark. But does it highlight something else? Why would a company go this far – and can be easily proven by comparison (the image doesn’t even look like it) – to falsify evidence in its filing?

Does Apple fear the Android platform? Based on the previous clashes with Android and its big partners, it appears so.

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