Apple faces lawsuit against patent infringement

Apple is facing a lawsuit against Taiwanese chip designer Elan Microelectronics after Elan alleges that two of its patents were infringed on Apple’s MacBook, iPhone and iPod Touch product lines, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The patents relates to the touch-screen technology that Apple uses to detect the positions of the fingers on a screen or touchpad.

The technology that is claimed to be infringed used by Apple, known as “multitouch”, is a key feature in both the iPhone and the iPod touch – similar to the iPhone, sans the mobile technology capabilities – and in the new line of MacBook and MacBook Pros, where the trackpad uses the new technology, replacing the use of buttons.

Elan is said to be seeking an injunction that would force Apple to produce, use or even sell the products that had infringe on the two patents; effectively meaning that Apple will be forced to create new versions with the violated patents not attached to the product, ask for the patents to be dismissed, or settle with Elan to allow it to use the two patents that are claimed to be infringed.

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