Apple calls iPhone 4 press conference, may answer antenna problems?

Apple calls iPhone 4 press conference, may answer antenna problems?

Some surprise from Cupertino as the Apple has decided to have a press conference for the iPhone 4 on Friday (Saturday in Australia) at its headquarters that may (or, as Apple has done in the past few days, may not) address the antenna problem on the iPhone 4.

The problems of the antenna were strengthened by Consumer Reports, the US-equivalent of Choice Magazine, confirming there is a problem and announced that it can no longer recommend the phone.

Apple’s own arrogance and ignorance of the problem is also not helping. When Consumer Reports’ non-recommendation post came out, many users posted it on the support forums only to be deleted. Steve Jobs is also been quoted in an email to say, when the problems were initially reported, that they were holding them the wrong way – despite that Apple’s own advertisements were holding it the very same way.

Apple has claimed that it is a software bug with its signal bars were miscalculating your signal strength – which many didn’t believe because it seemed implausible. Consumer Reports confirmed what many were thinking – it is a hardware design flaw.

Apple is expected to reveal a recall, give replacement phones to affected users – all 1.7 million of them – or/and give their US$29 cases for free in order to stop the problem occuring. Any announcement is likely to affect all further international distribution – including Australia – because of the fault.

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