Apple brings out version 3.0 of iPhone OS - now with copy and paste!

Apple has announced a multitude of new features on its preview of the iPhone OS 3.0, including several developer features that weren’t available and will allow those who are registered developers will get their hands on the new OS before the rest of us could get one.

New features in the iPhone OS 3.0 include MMS (multimedia messenging system); capture and send audio recordings with a new Voice Memo application; landscape view in Mail, Text and Notes; and cut, copy and paste between applications – which was the most requested feature (and I guess Kevin Rose was right after all).

The Stocks App will now feature company news and current trading information, while Calendar will now be able to sync to Yahoo! Calendar, iCal or Google Calendar.

Stereo Bluetooth, pairing devices via Wi-Fi, turn-by-turn GPS, Anti-phishing and remembering login credentials on Safari, parental controls on music, TV shows and movies, HDTV streaming for audio and video, along with a new media player, and new search functionality from Spotlight also are features in the new OS.

For Developers, new integration of maps from Apple, push notifications, access to a user’s music library, in-app purchases, and peer-to-peer connections are some of the 1,000 new features in the iPhone API, making it more flexible for developers to build applications on the iPhone.

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