Apple announces OS X Mavericks - supports tagging and multiple displays

Apple announces OS X Mavericks - supports tagging and multiple displays


Apple is dumping the cats, and revamping its branding. Cupertino is now looking in its backyard for its new name, with Mac OS X Mavericks. It will now include support for tagging and multiple screen support.

Finder gets a slight update with Finder Tabs – meaning that there are tabs in Finder. Files can now be tagged, so you can better management of your files. However, the best thing Mac fans are cheering is the multiple screen support. You can have multiple spaces per display, and you can drag an app from one screen to another easily. It will even use an Apple TV connected screen as an additional monitor – so you can use your HD television as a second screen.

Safari is also getting a brand new update. The homepage and sidebar are getting a redesign – with the sidebar integrating bookmarks, your reading list, and links from your social media profiles. Behind the scenes, there is better Javascript performance (touting it better than Chrome and Firefox via Sunspider and JSBench); and better CPU energy and memory usage.

Maps and iBooks are now jumping from iOS to Mac OS X. You can pretty much do what you can do from the iOS version of Maps on the Mac version, such as 3D view and directions – but now you can send the maps to your iPhone. And over at iCloud, it will now save your passwords and credit card information.

Playing with the flat design, Apple is removing the skeumorphic design from Calendar on the Mac. It is now simple – almost Google Calendar like. Notifications Center also gets a slight update in that you can now reply, delete and do many other actions from the bubble.

It is coming in Spring.


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