Apple addresses antenna problem - free bumpers for all

Apple addresses antenna problem - free bumpers for all

As everyone might have known, Apple has had a press conference regarding with the antenna problem, and has revealed in its testing that iPhone 4 – by holding it on the “death grip” – will in fact drop calls and lose its signal. The conference comes after recent weeks of negative stories about, what Apple has called, “Antennagate”.

Despite calling the story “out of proportion”, Apple felt compelled to come out and provide a fix, and had physicists for 22 days at Cupertino locked in.

“We’re not perfect, phones aren’t perfect. But we want to make all our users happy,” CEO Steve Jobs said.

It also is providing testing data online, revealing competitors’ devices, showing the same problem with the death grip.

As a fix, Apple will provide free bumper cases until September 30. However, while Apple doesn’t have enough to meet the demand, it has asked third-party providers to give some of their cases for free in order to fix the problem. As well, consumers can choose the case desired.

Customers will also be able to return the device after 30 days of purchase with no restocking fee and a full refund. They will be able to get out of contract.

However, Apple has been quiet on what it has been done in order to fix the problem on the actual phone, and they are still working on it. A story published earlier by another blog revealed that Apple may have coated the phone in a material that seems to have stopped the problem.

Also announced was the iPhone 4 will be released in 17 other countries on July 30, including Australia and New Zealand.

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