Anti-piracy bill to be passed tonight in New Zealand

Anti-piracy bill to be passed tonight in New Zealand

An anti-Internet Piracy law is being passed through New Zealand Parliament tonight. The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill will ban illegal file sharing and copyright owners can also request that repeat offenders lose internet access for six-months.

While many of the copyright enforcers use IP addresses in order to track down infringers, it is not an accurate location of the infringer.

Update: The law has been passed through Parliament. See our full report here.

According to, it appears that the Government will be using the emergency provisions to get laws passed through. The House is under a state of urgency due to the Christchurch Earthquake in order to pass recovery measures. A spokesperson for Simon Power, who is Minister for Justice, has confirmed that the Government plans to use the state of urgency in order to pass through other laws.

The bill was first proposed two-years ago by the then-Labour government. In response, social network users changed their avatars to black-squares in protest and got #blackout trending. The protest gained traction on Twitter when celebrities threw their support behind the cause, including comedian Stephen Fry. Finally, after a petition with 17,000 signatures and a 200-person marched on Parliament, National Prime Minister John Key delayed the bill.

But two year’s later, #blackout is trending again after news that the controversial bill is going to be passed tonight. Users are now calling for a repeat of the protests.

So what do you guys think of the law?

Terence Huynh contributed to the report.

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