Nintendo Direct – Announced WiiU Games

Nintendo Direct – Announced WiiU Games


It was announced that no WiiU games will be releasing in January and February, mainly because of their focus on Miiverse and WiiU usability. But don’t worry, in this morning’s Nintendo Direct, Satoru Iwata announced a handful of titles that will soon be releasing on the WiiU.

First starting off with games that have already been announced:

  • Pikmin 3 will include a feature that turns your Gamepad into a camera, giving players the ability to campture scenery and action scenes, and post them on Miiverse.
  • WiiFitU will allow players to create closed communities in the Miiverse, allowing you to see your friend’s/group’s stats and progress in WiiFitU
  • Lego City Undercover looks awesome!
  • Bayonetta 2, with a new Behind-the-Scenes trailer, showing off new characters, locations and music
  • A new Super Smash Bros. Game that can be cross-played on the 3DS and WiiU, new screens and news on the game at this year’s E3

New games that have been announced for the WiiU:

  • Game & Wario, the name and gameplay based on ‘Game & Watch’
  • Wonderful 101, an action-packed game that lets you control as a large group of superheros to fight off the alien invasion. Using the gamepad will let you command the superheroes to combine into various forms, such as giant fists or a sword, and the gamepad ‘can also be used to see areas unviewable on the main screen’


  • 3D Mario action game from the creators of Mario Galaxy.
  • Mario Kart for the WiiU, more news on the upcoming Mario games at E3
  • A party game from the creators of WiiParty, 2 people can both play on the gamepad with games such as baseball and soccer.


  • New game from the creators of Kirby’s Epic Yarn, where Yoshi is the main Character. Yoshi’s Epic Yarn? Yoshi Land?


  • New Collaboration Title, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem
  • New game from Xenoblade developers, hinting a new Xeno game.


  • Two Legend of Zelda Games announced, creators are trying to “rethink the conventions of Zelda”, and make you complete dungeons in a certain order. Their main focus is for a single player experience.
  • The other Zelda game being a HD remake of The Wind Waker. A HD screen was previously shown in 2011, showing how many different art styles they’re experimenting with. With the game itself, not only will the graphics be upgraded, but a better overall experience by making it play off-TV, as well as Miiverse compatible.


I can’t wait for E3 to see what they have in store for Super Smash Bros., I hope they announce a new Pokemon Stadium game, or maybe a Pokemon Snap 2, with the Gamepad as the camera? Only one can dream…

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