Amazon Unveils Its First Fitness Tracker, Halo

Amazon Unveils Its First Fitness Tracker, Halo

This week Amazon announced its introduction to the wearables market. The Halo wristband brings on all the must-have tracked elements including cardio, sleep, heart rate, and temperature.

However, Amazon has proven to innovate with two additional elements that have been unheard to consumers until now.

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The Tone metric uses built-in microphones to periodically pick up on a users voice and log their emotional state. Of course, if you’re a sceptic you can opt-out.

If you opt-in Halo will ask you to read back some sentences to train the AI model which allows the Halo Band to only use your tone, and not the people around you.

Amazon notes that your voice is never uploaded to any servers, and not heard by other people. The band will send audio snippets to your phone via Bluetooth, and it gets analysed on your device. Smart in a privacy-conscious world!


Interestingly, the Body metric creates a 3D body scan using smartphone photos. It then uses built-in AI to calculate body fat percentage.

But it doesn’t have a screen.

Halo doesn’t include a screen, instead, it makes use of something else you already have – your smartphone. The only visual indicator is LEDs on the device – in case you have muted the in-built microphone

It may seem like Amazon has been a bit slow to the market here, but they’ve done well in bringing a range of smart devices to your home already. It looks like the most obvious next step.

Moving forward, Halo will be playing catch up. The Apple Watch reported having 51% of smartwatch shipment revenues in just the first half of 2020, but we’re excited to see what comes next!

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