Amazon brings out the Kindle Touch - touch interface and only US$99

Amazon brings out the Kindle Touch - touch interface and only US$99

Amazon has expanded the Kindle lineup with the new Kindle Touch for US$99 with advertising or for $139 without advertising. The new Touch adds multi-touch functions to its E-Ink display, in addition with new text-to-speech.

The Kindle Touch shares the same body as the Kindle, with a 6-inch display and weighing only 7.5 ounces. It also features 4GB of internal storage and promises to have two months of battery life (with wireless off).

It also features a brand new feature called “X-Ray” that will allow customers explore the “bones of the book”, with readers able to see any mentions of ideas, fictional characters, historical figures, places, topics or anything that just of interest; and read a much detailed description of them from Wikipedia and its community-powered encyclopaedia Shelfari.

The Kindle Touch with Wi-Fi only costs US$99 with advertising (Special Offers) or with US$139 without advertising. For Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, it costs US$149 with advertising or US$189 without advertising.

It is only available to the United States, though we do hope for international availability. Gallery is below.

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