Amazon announces Kindle Fire tablet - 7 inch display, dual core processor, US$199

Amazon announces Kindle Fire tablet - 7 inch display, dual core processor, US$199

It is now official, Amazon is now in the tablet game. Dubbed the Kindle Fire, Amazon is pushing its entire multimedia offerings – Books, Magazines, Movies and TV Shows – onto this new device and hopes that it can become a serious rival to the Apple iPad.

Hardware specs include a dual core processor with 8GB of internal storage. In addition, it has a 7-inch multi touch display and only weighs 413 grams.

It will run on Google Android, allowing access to a wide variety of applications. However, Amazon will only offer its own App Store rather than the Google Marketplace as the “storefront” of applications. Also, the interface has been highly customised and will not allow you to access anything below the skin. But, expect this to be rooted in order to allow for such functionality.

It also features a new web browser called Amazon Sync. Using “split browser” architecture, it promises to accelerate the power of the device by using its cloud service, and each page request from the Kindle Fire to be processed on its servers, taking into consideration of page complexity, cached content and network conditions. Amazon says this will result in a faster web browsing experience.

Amazon will also offer users free storage to its Cloud service, and will use Whispersync technology from its Kindle books to synchronise your videos, like stopping a movie on the Kindle Fire and playing it then on a TV.

The tablet is significantly cheap, priced at US$199 – significantly cheaper than the iPad, and its Android rivals. It is not available outside the United States. Gallery and the commercial is below.

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