Amaysim to introduce 4G plans in April

Amaysim to introduce 4G plans in April


Amaysim has announced that it will soon be offering 4G plans, after the prepaid mobile operator renewed a wholesale agreement with Optus today. Previously, Amaysim has only been able to offer plans on Optus’ older 3G network.

The company says that they plan to introduce 4G plans around Easter next year. Optus says that by the time Amaysim starts offering their 4G plans, its 4G network will cover 90 percent of the Australian population.

Julian Ogrin, Amaysim’s Managing Director, wrote in a blog post that they are offering the service now because they wanted to “offer cracking 4G plans with a range of options to suit the data needs of as many Aussies as possible.”

“In true amaysim spirit, value and choice are must-haves, alongside flexibility to move between plans as people wish,” Ogrin wrote.

Amaysim has not provided any other details, like how it will affect the existing plans.

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