Alpha… Yahoo’s new beta

Lifehacker has announced that Yahoo! has released their new ‘Web 2.0’ search mash up. It’s called Alpha. Don’t know why… but I like it.

It’s clean, and not that messy. You can retract and expand all it’s gadgets and best of all… Australians get it first. Yes, it’s true. If you don’t believe me…

  1. All the Search Results come from Yahoo!7 Search
  2. The Web Address :

As well, you can add your favourite RSS feeds and search from Wikipedia and YouTube; two of the most popular Web 2.0 sites around.

But, you can’t drag the ‘widgets’. The only way to change them is to go to the link that says ‘Customize this page,’ and any RSS feed that is added, it basically shows you the latest entries. That’s OK for me… because this blog is totally small. However, lets say that we get the Crave RSS feed and we wanted to search for the corresponding Crave entries… no luck.

Despite these flaws… it’s something that Yahoo!7 should be proud of.Â

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