ABC signs deal with Yahoo7 for archive content

ABC signs deal with Yahoo7 for archive content

Archived programming from public broadcaster ABC will soon appear on Yahoo!7’s PLUS7 catch-up TV service after its commercial arm, ABC Commercial, has announced that it has signed a deal with the website.

Shows from the broadcaster such as The Gruen Transfer, The Cook and the Chef and the ABC’s flagship current affairs programming will appear on PLUS7 alongside content from Seven’s stable of programming over its three channels – all for free. ABC Commercial joins Sony Pictures Television in providing archived content on the platform.

New series of programming, in addition to new programming from the ABC, will not appear on PLUS7.

ABC’s licensing of its back catalogue to Yahoo!7 is similar to its licence deal with Sydney Morning Herald-owner Fairfax Media. Similar to Fairfax Media’s licence, content will last only for one year.

The ABC’s push to offering its content to other platforms, rather than its own iView platform – which is arguably better than what Seven offers, technology wise – sees its commercial arm to profit even more as the ABC, unlike other broadcasters in Australia, is not allowed to show any advertising.

This also moves catch-up television services away from channel-programming to a more Hulu-esque offering, with content from different studios. NineMSN’s FIXplay is offering content not only aired on its stable of content from the BBC and Channel 4 in the UK.

All we need now is one site to watch content from all the channels – then we have our own version of Hulu.

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