ABC, Fox agree to iTunes 99c rentals for shows

ABC, Fox agree to iTunes 99c rentals for shows

Apple Logo GenericRUMOUR MILL: Just hours before the September Apple event tomorrow, there are reports that US Television networks ABC and Fox are reported to have agreed on a deal with Apple on allowing 99-cent rentals of its television shows through the iTunes store.

According to The Wall Street Journal, quoting those familiar with the matter, the deal will allow users to watch the show on the variety of Apple products and on iTunes and watch the show just once before it is deleted.

ABC’s involvement has been widely expected, due to Apple’s Steve Jobs is the largest shareholder of its parent company Disney after its acquisition of Pixar. Fox’s involvement, however, will see some limitations, including only rentals on shows it airs and produces, and a limited number of episodes.

The deal will not affect any cable channels, or shows like American Idol because digital rights are not handled by Fox.

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