8 Effective Ways to Optimise Your Business Website to Get More Sales

8 Effective Ways to Optimise Your Business Website to Get More Sales
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All businesses need to make efforts to generate more sales. It is a method to create awareness with your target audience through content and attracting them with an offer they will be interested in. But it is not as simple as to put a “click here” or “book now” sign on your home page. By only putting buttons, leads will not pour in. Businesses need to design a practical and strategic plan. 

This is where you can make use of SEO. It can help your business do wonders. However, all your efforts and plan may fail without website optimisation. To get more sales means to generate more leads for your website.

How does lead generation work?

Lead generation is a matter of engaging your audience in something that might be of interest or giving information helpful to them. One common way it works is for your users to visit your website, read a blog or an article, click on know more or call to action, and give their information in a form on your landing page. They have already shown interest in your content, which led them to your website to know more. 

This is how simple it is. But you need to be aware of some factors depending on your target audience. Your website needs to be optimised to rank in Google as all your products and services are visible to the public through the website. Your website shows your online presence in the market and is a professional face through which you can interact. Although, if your site is not optimised, then your online presence or interactions goes down to zero. These issues can degrade your visibility and eventually, your business too. To ensure an uninterrupted interaction with your target audience, you must optimise a website as it is a significant source for lead generation. 

Below are some tips to optimise your website for generating more sales by one of the best SEO services in Melbourne:

  1. Understand the flaws and improve your content:

Content is one of the main sources of contact with your audience. It can be in the form of a blog, social media post, email, video, etc. Your content should be relevant and valuable to your visitors. If this is not taken into consideration, then you won’t be able to turn visitors into leads. You also need to optimise on-page content. This will help your users to find you easily, for which you need to rank well, and it is not easy. Do your research and use long-tail keywords that can help you rank. Content can help you connect with the visitors leaving the first impression. 

  1. Add forms to the pages getting more traction:

You must maintain the basic lead generation you have achieved. By interacting with these leads, you will get to understand where you need to improve. By studying the past leads and improving the landing page, you may not realize how certain pages will help you generate excellent leads. Some of the common channels from where your business might get visitors are social media, blog posts, emailers, and live chat. 

  • Promoting interesting content on emails might generate more web traffic for users who click through.
  • Engaging social media campaigns can attract users to your website. 
  • Best performing blogs can generate quality traffic as the visitor understands your content is something he/she is already looking for. 
  • A live chat window can always generate leads when people are surfing through your website. 

You need to understand where most of your leads are generated from. Once you figure that out, you must optimise the particular landing page to grip on your visitor’s interest. 

  1. Observe the performance of each source of generator:

Evaluate your lead generation sources by observing their performance and how they are contributing to your business. You can compare landing pages that are performing well in comparison to those who are performing averagely. Look for the number of visitors on your landing page, call-to-action clicks, and thank you page shares to understand which deals are working well, and then you can create more similar content. 

  1. Improve each step of the lead generation process:

As and when the visitors land on your website you should focus on the conversion path, which leads them to fill a form and convert it into a lead. But not always will a visitor end up on the conversion path, so you should optimise the conversion path. 

Call to action: To highlight the sign, you should use contrasting colors. Please keep it simple though. Use free tools to make creatives fast and easy.

Landing pages: It is believed that companies with approximately 30+ landing pages on their website generate seven times more leads than companies with only 1 to 5 landing pages. Design your landing pages well and promote deals that can be understood by visitors easily. It would help if you used heading variations, a small description of the deal and its key benefits, minimum one image, and an inquiry form. 

Thank you pages: Once a user submits the form, it leads to the thank you page. Do not skip or neglect a thank you page. Along with a thank you note to make sure you insert your website link. You can also add social media icons and a form for additional offers. 

Confirmation kickback emails: When a visitor turns into a lead, and you get the information in your database, it is good to follow up with a kickback email. This email should consist of a thank you message and a link to offer itself. Studies show that kickback emails get double engagement in comparison to standard emails. 

  1. Add basic “call to action” on your homepage:

Your homepage has to be the page with the most traffic on the website. If the design of the homepage is attractive enough to keep the visitor scrolling, a call to action button will help the visitor stay on the page for longer. Common suggestions for CTA would be to “subscribe to updates” or some “free demo”. But don’t bombard the visitors with pop-ups. 

  1. Live chat service:

Many visitors prefer chatting to contact a company. It is quick and you don’t have to attend a long call. Chatbots can be very valuable for generating leads and marketing your services. To get fast positive results you can use live chat, chat bots or a mixture of both. Improve your chat to be more relevant content and make a chat combination with the sales team and customer service team to generate inquiries and favorable user experience. 

  1. Test and improve:

To plan a lead generation strategy is only the first step. You achieve better results after testing and improving it. A/B testing can be beneficial for click-through rates. You can also initiate follow up emails using useful content. 

  1. Bring up your leads into clients:

Take care of the leads converted to customers. Please make efforts to make them get along. Serve them valuable content that matched their interest. Send follow up emails consisting of blogs, deals, brochures, and more. 

We hope you can use the above tips given by an expert SEO Company from Sydney to convert leads to close sales and grow your business. Take advantage of search engine marketing to optimise your website and its content to get organic traffic. 

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