7PLUS now available on Aussie PS3s

7PLUS now available on Aussie PS3s

Today 7PLUS, the TV catch-up service from Yahoo7, has been launched for the PlayStation 3. Users can now access the PS3 optimised website straight from the PlayStation 3’s Xross Media Bar. This is the second catch-up service, and first for the commercial stations, to be launched for the PlayStation 3, ABC’s iView being the first.

PlayStation 3 users will now be able to catch up on Seven shows City Homicide, The X-Factor, Home and Away and Sunrise; as well as content from its digital channels – 7TWO and 7mate. However, unlike ABC iView – where almost all of its programming of primetime will be on-demand – not all of Seven’s primetime lineup is available as catchup.

Michael Ephraim, Managing Director of SCE Australia says, “with Plus7 now live for nearly one million PlayStation 3 owners across the country, Australians can enjoy more great TV content delivered not only exactly when they want to, but also subscription free in the heart of the living room.”

So check it out on your PS3 under the TV menu, and it doesn’t require a firmware update. Yay!

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