How to remove your songs off your iPod

Your computer gets stolen, your hard drive melts or you want your music on another computer but you can’t drag and drop them via iTunes, but there is a way to do that; You just need to get deeper inside the iPod. tech.geek gives you a handy trick to bring it all out…

You will just need your iPod and iTunes. Do NOT use a Windows iPod in a Mac or a Mac iPod for Windows, they are not compatible.

Do not continue reading if you are worried if you think you might crash it, but you can install some software like PodPlus or Senuti.

Step One
Plug your iPod in and then open your iTunes. To make sure that you view it on ‘My Computer,’ go to the iTunes preferences and click the iPod tab. Find the checkbox Enable Disk Use” and make sure it is checked.

Step Two
Now open up ‘My Computer’ and find the drive that is your iPod (The first 10 characters of your iPod name or the name IPOD). Open it and go to the Tools Menu and click Folder Options. Go to the Advanced Tab and scroll to find ‘Show Hidden Files and Folders,’ and tick it. Press OK

Step Three
Open the folder ‘iPod_Control’ and click Music. When you open the folder Music, you get F00, F01, F02, etc. Copy the entire folder (The Music folder) and put it straight to your desktop. Make sure you rename it so you can remember it.

Step Four
Go back to iTunes and drag and drop those files on your iPod. Don’t worry if the files are AX9218 or something because the ID3 tag information will be automatically read by iTunes. To make sure you want to keep them in a location more accessible, before uploading, make sure you open up the Preferences dialogue, find the Advanced tab and tick the box where ‘Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to the library. You can find the iTunes music folder in your My Music folder.

With the recent iTunes 7.01, some of these may change (like Step 1). This is taken and been rewritten from’s Music Centre.

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