7 Most Interesting At-Home Tech Education Opportunities

7 Most Interesting At-Home Tech Education Opportunities

The year of 2020 has sped up the transition to online education due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Billions of high school and college students were sent home during the lockdown. It was still disruptive for the learning process, but thanks to EdTech solutions, students managed to close the semester.

It is expected that similar challenges will await future generations of students. Customizable online lectures, intended to meet individual student needs, will continue to turn over the traditional classroom. They will subsequently feature technologies like AI, VR, and AR to facilitate learning.

Therefore, lots of planning is made to advance at-home education and make it up to standard. Based on the analysis prepared by the analyst team from EssayPro writing service team, remote education is well-developed for students of tech majors.

In this article, we are going to discuss what opportunities are already available to tech students. This seems to be the future of education, after all, and we should all get ready.

EdX, Coursera and Udacity

These three platforms have proven their effectiveness in educating people on lots of interesting topics. They host a variety of courses intended to train different sets of skills. Tech students who want to advance their knowledge in graphic design, frontend, backend, coding, web development, etc. better be aware of these platforms.

These veterans have been on the scene for a decade now. They managed to collect lectures and courses from the world’s most prominent educational institutions and organizations. Upon completing each course, you can get a certification that will serve as proof of your competence.

Udemy and Codecademy

Udemy and Codecademy are oriented at providing tech students with skills and enhancing them with step-by-step projects and tutorials. The lecture materials are all prepared by the world’s best universities and organizations. However, to get a certification, you will need to participate in case studies and online projects.

These websites are characterised as skill-builder ones.

Code.org and Code Week

The Code.org training platform will fit both newbies and amateurs, who only begin their journey in programming. The website has a friendly interface that will meet many students’ expectations. Its learning materials and practical assignments have succeeded in teaching many students how to code.

Code Week, instead, helps at-home tech students find extra resources to learn computer coding in greater depth. This knowledge database offers coding educational opportunities in all EU languages.

University Online Degrees

The trend to promote online education has been noticeable before the Covid-19 stroke. Many universities all over the world have already been offering online degrees. The tech majors were also included in the list.

Today, many higher ed entities, including Harvard and MIT, offer online degrees. Tech students can enjoy full access to video materials and university resources while they study at home. At the end of the program, they are supposed to take exams to get a certificate.

YouTube Edu

Technologies develop, and so do platforms that were intended for entertainment only. Today, YouTube has become the largest source of video materials, capable of answering questions on topics from gardening to coding.

Tech students can have something to learn here as well. YouTube Edu has a large collection of videos explaining how to code, create an app, manage networking, etc. 

These videos can help you deal with many bottlenecks that you may come across while learning.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has been one of the leaders in the remote education field. It has over 4,000 videos on various subjects, including such disciplines as Math, Computer Science, etc.

This platform can be used by tech students as an extra source of information on related subjects. All videos are of high quality, offering learners an amazing educational experience. The academy also features both digital blackboard screencasts and interactive lessons.


This relatively new platform helps tech students become industry-ready. It provides access to advanced training and courses. Those are based on real-life examples and tasks. As a result, you get the knowledge and data necessary to succeed.

However, the platform functions via subscription. You can learn everything from a specific programming language to advanced trends in technology. It definitely makes sense to study here if you plan to land a new job soon.

Final Words

Education technologies develop rapidly. It is clear that the situation with COVID-2019 has pushed them to develop even more. This is needed to meet the needs of the growing population of at-home students.

Tech students who work with computers are the most adapted to this mode of learning. They know the capabilities and features of online platforms. Tech education platforms can become a benchmark in the industry and something to live up to when it comes to other majors.

However, the opportunities for at-home learning are endless; you just need to find and catch them!

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