6tagram, WP8 third-party app will get Instagram's blessing

6tagram, WP8 third-party app will get Instagram's blessing
Stewart Wilson / TechGeek

Stewart Wilson / TechGeek

Developer Rudy Huyn has been hard at work creating a Instagram client called 6tagram. The client is based on his Vine client, 6Sec which has been widely popular due to its great design and the first third-party app to have an upload ability. However, due to the changes made to the API in the last week by Instagram, the release of the app has been delayed. This has forced Huyn to re-think how the app connects to the Instagram service. However, Huyn confirmed later on that he had cracked the new API and posting to Instagram would be included in his app.

However, information has come to light that Rudy Huyn has been approached by Instagram to talk about this app. And no, it’s not your normal legal threats. Instagram is working out a compromise where Huyn will send his app to Instagram to make sure it’s okay from a legal standpoint. However, this doesn’t mean it will be an official application – It will just have a “supported by Instagram” title, making this the first fully featured Instagram client for Windows Phone with Instagram’s blessing.

A writer at WPCentral confirmed this with Rudy Huyn:

“I will send them my app, to make some tests and we will work together to check all the legal things, they seem to like the app”

Even though the app won’t official, this is still a huge step towards Instagram supporting the Windows Phone platform. Definitely a win for the Windows Phone community.

Source: WPCentral

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