6tag is now available on Windows Phone

6tag is now available on Windows Phone
Stewart Wilson / TechGeek

Stewart Wilson / TechGeek

It’s finally here. The long awaited Instagram client from Developer, Rudy Huyn, has been approved by Microsoft and is available on the Windows Phone Store. 6tag is the first Instagram client on Windows Phone to fully support the viewing and uploading of videos. Additionally, while not an official application, 6tag is the first application to get Instagram’s blessing from a legal standpoint. So the app is not likely to disappear during the night because Instagram have asked for it’s removal. However, due to a recent change in Instagram’s Terms and Conditions, the app has had to change it’s name from 6tagram, as Instagram no longer want 3rd party applications to contain either “insta” or “gram” in the title.

The app is available for free, however, there are in-app purchases to remove advertisements ($1.49 AUD) and to enable the uploading of videos ($1.99 AUD). However, you’ll get a free video upload to test out the service. Below is a list of features available for it’s first release:

  • 100% original filters: XPro-II, Earlybird, Rise, Amaro, Hudson, Lo-fi, Sutro, Toaster, Brannan, Inkwell, Walden, Hefe, Nashville, 1977, and others.
  • Video recording with cut scenes
  • Linear and Radial Tilt-Shift blur effects for extra depth of field.
  • Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare, VK
  • Unlimited picture uploads
  • geotag your posts
  • Interact with friends through giving & receiving likes and comments
  • Front & Back camera support


You can grab the application right now for your Windows Phone 8 device, just head to the store. Huyn has said that a Windows Phone 7 version will be available in the coming weeks.

What do you think of 6tag? Will you be using it on your Windows Phone device? Let us know in the comments.

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