6 Best Email Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2020

6 Best Email Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2020

Do you believe in following trends when it comes to crafting a marketing strategy? Or do you stick to your findings and traditional methods? Well, to be honest, a promising strategy would bind both the things together to bring forth the best one on the table. Email marketing is one of the most impactful digital marketing channels of all time. We have enough validations that can second email marketing to be the most ROI-worthy channel.

In this rapidly changing digital world, emails are also evolving with tech betterments and ease of use. People love emails, so much so that 91% of them open emails on a daily basis, and marketers already know this! This is the reason why businesses are willingly investing more and more time, efforts, and budget into email marketing. Though consumers prefer emails, it is likely to get lost in the crowd when their inboxes are always brimming. That being said, crafting an email marketing campaign that incorporates the latest trends along with your proven tactics from the past campaigns is the key to success.

Presenting six email marketing trends that are likely to yield positive outcomes out of your email marketing efforts. Hop on to unravel the trends that will help you design your email campaigns with better industry insights in 2020.

6 Email Marketing Trends for 2020

It takes different perspectives to blend in traditional skills with ever-evolving technology. Many a time, marketers hesitate to try something new when they’ve hit the desired success through a certain method. It is a genuine crossroad to be on when we talk about email marketing because only you know your subscribers and what works for them. But, how do you stay in the game in this ever-changing playing field? The answer is, by adapting, improving, and analyzing.

The young generation seeks a creative approach combined with the latest technology. To serve the purpose, we have listed down the top 6 email marketing trends that will rule the year for all the benefits they offer. Let’s get started…

1.   AMP for Emails

The Accelerated Mobile Pages framework is in action for quite a long time. But they were used only for website infrastructure until Google rolled out an update for AMP for Emails 2 years back. AMP for emails is a dynamic way of designing modernized content that includes app functionalities and accessibilities right within the emails. The top email marketing trend for 2020 is to leverage this feature by creating custom email templates that support AMP.

Incorporating AMP into emails is a hot trend because these emails can bring in engagement like no other. For example, one can add events to the calendar, book tickets, and save pins (Pinterest) without having to leave their inbox. With more people using Gmail than ever, this is something you should try for your email marketing campaign. When we say AMP for Emails is the future, there is a catch;  there are only three email clients to this date who support this email format – Gmail, Mail.ru, and Outlook.com. You need to study your subscriber data and their email clients before trying this out. If most of your subscribers are using Apple mails or any other platforms, the efforts will go in vain.

Take a look at this AMP email created by Email Uplers. (erstwhile EmailMonks)

2.   Emails in Dark Mode

Optimizing emails for mobile screens is something that shouldn’t be included in the latest trend list because it has become a necessity! Now more than ever, people are opening emails in their smartphones. Keeping that in mind, the next email marketing trend for 2020 is to optimize your templates for dark mode. Apple and Android phones have already introduced dark modes and apps are following the same footsteps.

Crafting custom email templates that are ‘dark mode compatible’ is more important than ever! Choose the background hues, contrasts, text colors, and images that enhance the dark more feature. Try it out as a part of providing better consumer experience to your users. Check out the hue used in the following email template by Adobe.

3.   Put A Human Touch

Brand Storytelling has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. Even if your business doesn’t come with a face it sure has a history and motive for things they are doing. By adding a simple story about how it all started or what you believe in, you can connect on a more personal level with your subscribers.

This email marketing trend helps you bond with your followers by sharing inside scoops, behind the scenes, or a message by the partners in a more sophisticated way. Here’s an example by Chipotle. The ‘behind the food’ series emphasize their ingredient journey in a way that connects.

4.   Animations, GIFs & Videos

Sending emails with GIFs or Animations is the new wow! In the times of so little attention span and so many marketing emails, make your way through the moving objects! Custom email templates designed with multiple aspects such as animation, GIF, Clickable CTA buttons, Cinemagraphs, or an embedded video can go a long way. A study by Backlinko states that including a video in your email can increase click-through rate by up to 300%.

Check out the following email template by KIDLY. They have used an animated email template to promote their Black Friday campaign –  a very simple GIF that can make a lot of noise (without any voice) when opened by subscribers!

(source: Really Good Emails)

5.   AI & Automation

Artificial Intelligence is not new, but utilizing its capabilities fully in designing email campaigns is the new mantra for 2020. Personalized emails are the need of the hour to thrive in this highly competitive email marketing world, and AI plays a major role in implementing effective personalization. AI in Email Marketing can be used for,

  • Smart segmentation
  • Personalization
  • Automated email workflow
  • Setting Email frequency and cadence
  • Optimized email subject line and copy
  • A/B Testing
  • Powerful analytics

The following example shows how deeply rooted email personalization is! The template shows details about trips taken, Joining date, Visited destinations, Credit points, and more. AI makes it possible to dive deeper into consumer profiles and their preferences to come up with a customized segment for each group.

6.   Social Media Integration

When we talk about integrating social media to your email marketing, we do not just indicate putting your social icons in your email footer. It’s 2020, and there’s more to it! Send emails that trigger an action on your social profile such as hashtag competitions, photo sharing, review rewards, or supporting a cause. By doing this, you can aim at 2 targets with one arrow! Custom email templates can increase your social media reach and email click-through rates at once. Check out the below example for clarity.

CharmingCharlie has shared their hashtag to build their social media visibility and get more people to know about their products.


Email marketing is here to stay and rule! We better be up and at it when any new email enhancements come, and be among the first few to adopt them. The email marketing 2020 trends will penetrate swiftly into the industry before we might even realize. If you want to stay in the league, make sure to try these trends out.

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