500px pulls out the big guns with new $19.95 'Plus' account option

500px pulls out the big guns with new $19.95 'Plus' account option

Flickr competitor 500px has finally announced a upgrade option that can compete with Flickr Pro. Previously, users who had wanted to store more than 10 photos a week, plus not hit a number of other limits, had to upgrade to an ‘Awesome’ account for a whopping US$49.95, compared to Flickr Pro, which is US$24.95.

But today 500px has announced a new mid-tier subscription plan, called ‘Plus’, which will cost US$19.95 a year, a US$5 saving on Flickr Pro.

Not only does a ‘Plus’ account feature similar features to Flickr Pro, but it’s basically the same as an ‘Awesome’ account, only excluding the Portfolio option which allowed the user to set up a simple website for sharing and selling photos.

Yahoo! had better have some new features and maybe even a new look up its sleeve for Flickr, or 500px might just turn the trickle of ex-Flickr Pro users into a stream.

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