5 Professions AI Can Substitute in The Nearest Future

5 Professions AI Can Substitute in The Nearest Future

Artificial Intelligence is quickly taking over the world and transforming important areas of our technology into more productive environments. Since AI is so efficiently smart, it could be used in a number of important job-related functions and could, therefore, even substitute some. Researchers in the IT field agree that technology is an incredible method to keep updated on the latest trends and thus, evolve as a society. Since more tasks can be taken on by AI, there is an increase in the interest that this knowledge brings with it. This is why today we will be discussing the most highly rated five professions that AI could eventually substitute – and how to benefit from them.

Bookkeeping Services and Specialists

One of the best ways in which AI could improve our lives is by replacing our bookkeeping services *and the specialists working in this field* to make them more readily available to the public. There are multiple software services available for companies today, from which they could easily choose from. This software system offers these firms the ability to process data automatically and thus, more quickly, and ease up bookkeeping practices for employees.

Why is it beneficial? Essay writer Dan Wilson comes with an appropriate answer to this question. “Human error is imminent. AI is beneficial because it takes human error down to zero. Since everything is performed by machines, there can rarely be any mistakes occurring. Tasks are also faster to accomplish by using Artificial Intelligence software, and they can also be finished at a lower cost than those performed by employees. From an efficiency perspective, bookkeeping done by AI maximizes potential and minimizes costs.”

The Transportation System

Since transportation is an essential part of every major city in the world, it is important that it works well for citizens. Commuting using a car vehicle is not nearly as quick and easy as using public transportation, which is why many people choose the latter. More than that, using public transport is also more efficient for the planet, since it is using less fuel to transport more people at the same time. In any case, even if people continue to use personal vehicles, using AI to improve the system as a whole is recommended and will be implemented.

Some of the ways in which AI will change transportation are the following:

  • The arrival of self-driving vehicles. This is already happening in countries like Japan, where people can now easily take autonomous cabs to work. Drivers are still inside the car to take over in case of emergency, but the vehicle runs mostly on self-driving principles. Why is it beneficial? This can reduce costs for taxi services and can help increase public transportation in remote areas, where people truly need them.
  • Traffic congestions, not a problem. AI can also help reduce traffic congestion by having sensors and cameras placed on the roads to gather traffic information and then, inform the citizens about the possible delays in traffic and other relevant changes.
  • The same conditions as above can be implemented for air traffic; many people suffer plane delays and are informed about the changes last minute because customer service can be lengthy in their predictions. AI can bring a minimized-effort solution to this problem as well.


Agriculture is one of the best areas in which AI can bring important changes. Since it is one of the most challenging and time-consuming professions of the world, AI-conducted agriculture can be quite an improvement and help to farmers all around this planet. With the land becoming scarcer and scarcer and produce demand increasing, farmers must ensure that their work conditions and tools fit the needs of the customer. By implementing Artificial Intelligence technology in the agriculture field, the crops will become healthier, the workload will become less challenging, and growing conditions will be easier to upgrade.

More than that, farm data will be easier to process and analyze. The information will be stored in a database that will gather daily information on crops and farmer’s needs and thus, optimize harvesting. This will bring about better harvesting practices and thus, higher quality crops. Herbicides and pesticides will soon be out of the discussion and thus, banned from any form of farming practice. Small farms will be easier to maintain, and more people will, therefore, have access to healthy, non-GMO foods. I’m telling you! There will be college papers written on this topic. AI-managed farming is the future of our world and should be considered as an immediate option.

Job Interviewers

In the near future, AI will be able to determine whether you’re getting the job that you want or not. There are AI tools available today that fit this exact purpose. Interactive AI-conducted job interviews could save time and money for employers and could, therefore, play an important role in hiring scenarios.

How would this work? A robot would analyze your face, voice, and answers given and propose a number of questions and puzzles to be deciphered. If you do well on more than a certain number of answers, you get the job. If not, you don’t. This is such an interview would unfold.

In any case, there is an on-going debate on this topic. Some people agree with the system, believing in its efficiency, while others believe it is total non-sense *robots could never read emotions and connect with humans in the way other humans do*, is the usual argument.

Most thesis writing services representing the Con-part of the argument will present this reasoning as the main point of the essay.

However, the conclusion remains up in thin air. What do you think?

Law Enforcement

Another way in which Artificial Intelligence could impact the world and thus, the job market, is through law enforcement policies. China has already planned to use an AI police station in Wuhan, so there are examples of this happening throughout the world. Some methods in which AI could ease up the police responsibilities would be by processing face-recognizable driver examinations and provide AI services for vehicle registration, etc.

People won’t have to wait in endless lines anymore and citizens’ information would be available to Law Enforcement officers in a split of a second.


The advancement of technology makes AI possible to interact with the customers and citizens of any country in the world. Soon, there will be services available based on the same concept. Services such as farming, bookkeeping, law enforcement, and transportation could be easier to practice in the long term. People will be able to benefit from these services more easily.

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