MakerBot announces three new 3D printers - for all shapes and sizes

MakerBot announces three new 3D printers - for all shapes and sizes


MakerBot is continuing its efforts in making 3D printing more accessible and affordable with the launch of three new 3D printers announced at CES earlier this week: the Replicator Desktop, the Replicator Mini, and the Replicator Z18.

All of them now come with the ability to send your print jobs via USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi; and control them via the cloud with an upcoming app.

The Replicator Mini is the smallest of the three new printers, and targeted for beginners with the ability of one-touch printing and no levelling – a time-consuming and tricky process. There is also an on-board camera so you can monitor your print job and share images to social networks. And while it is the cheapest of the lot, it is still considerably expensive with a price tag of US$1375.

The Replicator Desktop 3D printer is for the prosumer market, and features a 3.5-inch display and dial that lets you setup and maintain your printer, access your library of 3D objects, and preview the 3D models. Like the Mini, there is a camera to share images. Other features include its Smart Extruder, which lets you easily swap and replace the filament even printing (it’ll pause it). The price tag for the Desktop is US$2899.

The Replicator Z18 is dedicated for those wanting to print bigger 3D objects up to 45.7cm high and 30.5cm wide. It features all the things available on the Replicator Desktop 3D printer, including the 3.5-inch display and camera; but includes a heated chamber, so large models aren’t ruined by warping and curling. The retail price is on the more expensive end, however, at US$6499.

The Replicator Desktop 3D printer is available now, while the other two are coming in autumn 2014 (Australia time).

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