3 to use Next G to fill in gaps

3 will now extend its 2100MHz network after making an agreement with Telstra to allow roaming on its 850MHz Next G Network.

Until now, customers on 3 have only been allowed to use their network for 3G, and anyone who roamed outside of that would be using Telstra’s 2G network. While the carrier will be extending its coverage, it will also provide Telstra’s coverage if a customer roams into an area where 3 does not carry their service.

The new sites that have said to receive the new, extended coverage will include NSW’s Newcastle and the Central Coast; and Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

However, since Telstra and 3 use different frequencies, phones will need to be able to use both frequencies for this plan to work. However, since the deal will start next year, 3 has some time to fix that problem – as many of its phones can support both, but only 2100MHz has been set for the phone.

As well, roaming prices will drop; but there is no information about the new prices.

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