Xbox One UI demo showcases Dashboard personalization, Skype, DVR and more

Xbox One UI demo showcases Dashboard personalization, Skype, DVR and more

Home_US_1P Xbox have released a video on their Youtube that showcases the many features of the Xbox One. from switching and snapping, Live TV, Skype, game DVR, OneGuide and much more. Yusuf Mehdi and Marc Whitten walk through what it’s like to use the Xbox One dashboard, being customized and tailored to how YOU play games and watch TV.

Although the Kinect is no longer mandatory for the Xbox One, you will be missing out its dashboard features if you choose to not use it. With its improved capabilities, it can detect people in the room and automatically sign people in. It can also be used for navigating, and giving commands like “show my stuff” to display your personalized dashboard page, to “answer call” when you’re Skype-ing with other people.

Skype_Group Call_OneGuide Snapped Upload Snapped_Killer Instinct

Whilst playing games, you can save clips by giving the command “Xbox, record that” and are able to edit these clips with Upload Studio with the help of Kinect, and share them to friends, mainly for bragging rights. There is also an improved Friends section, where you’re able to see a feed of your friends’ activities, look at profiles, followers and messages. Followers are a new addition to Xbox, being a one-way interaction where people can follow their favourite Youtubers, whereas Friends are defined when you both follow each other. You can also control what people see when accessing your profile.

Apps Store_US_1P Machinima Xbox One_Start

OneGuide is also a nifty feature for those who are interested in the Xbox’s TV functionality. You can make your own ‘channels’ and pretty much personalize the guide to have the shows you want to watch and follow. Although the Kinect functionality and some dashboard features won’t be available in some countries at launch, including Australia, its great to see how Xbox really focuses on user experience, and making the Xbox and its features revolve around the player.

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