$25 USB sized computer

$25 USB sized computer

Today, phones, iPod’s and tablets have the processing power of a 7-8 year old computer. There are also Linux distributions that are specifically designed to run on computers with that amount of processing power. Ever wondered about putting the two together? Finally, someone has. Raspberry Pi Foundation, a UK charity which promotes computers and the study of them, has developed a ultra-low-cost computer for use in both developed and the developing world.

This computer will be the size of a USB key and will be designed to plug into a TV or be combined with a touch screen for a low cost tablet. The computer is expected to have a 700Mhz ARM11, 128MB 256MB of SDRAM, OpenGL ES 2.0, Composite and HDMI video output, USB 2.0 SD/MMC/SDIO memory card slot.

The computer will be able to run Ubuntu so we think that it will be a funny functioning computer. It is expected to sell for $25, though we don’t know whether that is USD or not.

Personally, I can see this computer being used in many situations like in a school environment, home media PC or even a home server as well as countless others. I hope this project goes ahead and we will keep you up to date in the future and hopefully be able to tell you where to buy it.

EDIT: The amount of RAM in this device has been updated from 128MB to 256MB

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