2019 In Review: Top Laptops to Purchase

2019 In Review: Top Laptops to Purchase

We are back again with our list of most popular laptops of this year. This list will cover some of the best machines on the market that money can buy, based on the type you are after.

We have shortlisted these laptops based on their performance, battery life, features and price tag. All these laptops that will grace the list have been tested exhaustively before they made the final cut.

5. Dell XPS 13

For a few years consecutively, the Dell XPS 13 has been a regular at the top of most laptops’ lists. 2019 is no different either. It has everything that the 13-inch laptop has become synonymous with. Light and attractive design, the 8th generation Intel Core i5/i7 processor and the beautiful bezel-less ‘Infinity Edge’ display, makes this laptop one of the most popular machines in the Window laptop segment right now.  

Central webcam, much better battery life, 4K display.

Much more expensive, and the 2019 update is not that impressive compare to previous updates.

4. Huawei MateBook 13

Huawei MateBook 13

Once again, Huawei has done it with its latest release laptop release. As the second best laptop in this list, this year’s Huawei Matebook X Pro comes equipped with NVidia MX150 graphics card, and a surprisingly lightweight design. These are features of high-end laptops but Huawei seems to have levelled the playing field.

For a high-performing laptop to be priced so remarkably within range, the corporation is clearly determined to disrupt the laptop market just as it did with the smartphone industry. Some of the niceties of the high-end features might be missing, but it is still a valued-packed edition. Also, Huawei will get support from Microsoft and Intel for hardware and software updates.

NVidia graphics, and high performance for excellent value.

No Thunderbolt 3, and 8 GB only.

3. HP Spectre x360

HP Spectre x360

The Hewlett-Packard line of Ultrabook laptops have gained tremendous traction with the audience over the years. This year’s Spectre x360 laptop takes everything to a completely new level. It is one of the most beautiful laptops out there. Its added feature of converting into a Windows tablet is cherry on top of the cake.

Beautiful thin style, and packs powerful.

Much more expensive than alternatives, as it was back in 2012.

2. Apple MacBook Pro

4. Apple MacBook Pro

The 2019 version of the renowned MacBook Pro series is one of the finest 15-inch instalments to enter the market. Powered by a 6-core/8-core Intel processor, Apple deserves a name on the list with this formidable entry in its series. Apple makes the most of its brand name and thus, this laptop comes with a hefty price tag. The element of customisation further adds to the expenditure. If this laptop exceeds your budget, then check out at our less pricey alternatives from the list.

Best and fastest MacBook Pro from apple.

Generational difference is minimum, and it comes at a hefty price tag. 

1. Alienware Area-51m

Alienware Area-51m

From the list of top gaming laptops, the Alienware Area-51m is a cut above the rest. Eye-catchy design, amazing build quality and superior performance are all the hallmarks we have come to expect from the Alienware brand. It possess some of the best gaming components available on the market right now.

Sure, it comes with a hefty price tag, but it is well worth it. If you have made up your mind to purchase a high-performing gaming laptop to purchase in 2019, then you will need to make this one-time investment. It doesn’t do disappointments.

Great aesthetic value, very powerful, and ideal keyboard.

Loud fans, gets very hot, price is too high, and does not deliver great value.

There you have it. This is our list of tested laptops in 2019. Now the ball is in your court since preference of laptop is an individual matter.

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