2011 YEAR IN REVIEW: All of our Reviews of the Year

2011 YEAR IN REVIEW: All of our Reviews of the Year

2011 happens to be a big year for us. I personally set up a goal of getting more reviews on the site. And guess what, we did just that. So, we’ve decided to go back and look at those reviews – just in case you missed any, or want to read again.

Of course, next year, we’ll be (hopefully) ramping up the number of reviews we do. All reviews are scored out of 10 by our very own editors based on their own opinions.

BigPond Ultimate USB Modem / 8.5
“For people on the go, students or traveling workers, the Ultimate USB modem allows you to browse the internet in speed which is on par with such results you get at home.” – Stewart Wilson

Apple TV (2010) / 7.5
“The Apple TV is a great device which allows you to watch movies when ever you want… and it also allows you to stream movies and music from YouTube and your home shared iTunes computer” – Stewart Wilson

BlackBerry Torch 9800 / 7.5
“It pretty much does the same things that Android can do, and probably an Android phone can do better. It still, however, has a long way to go in order to prevent Android and Apple taking more market share.” – Terence Huynh

Red Dead Redemption / 9.5
“The game is so big that I’ll probably have to leave some of the elements out of the review because it would take me all day to show them to you and I don’t want to spoil any of this amazing game” – Chris Southcott

JAYS t-JAYS Three Earphones / 9.5
“The sound quality is excellent and could even rival the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones… as one of the best sounding earphones.” – Terence Huynh

Telstra T-Touch Tab / 5.0
“It retails at $299 on prepaid, but is it really worth you spending the money? No, it’s not. I would save up the extra few hundred dollars and get a Galaxy Tab or an iPad. Sorry Telstra, but it just doesn’t do it for me.” – Stewart Wilson

Windows 7 / 8.5
“I really love Windows 7, and even though it’s not yet as simple as Mac OS X, it’s getting there. My biggest complaint is that it’s very expensive and it’s really just fixing up Vista… Everything works well, and anybody with basic computer experience will find it a piece of cake.” – Chris Southcott

Logitech Laptop Speaker Z305 / 9.0
“If your tired of your tinny, under powered, crappy built-in laptop speakers, then go for these. They are simply fantastic for anything you need to do and I bet you could even use them at a party.” – Stewart Wilson

Windows Phone 7 (Pre-Mango) / 6.4
“It’s a great beginning for Windows Phone 7 and for Microsoft in terms of mobile strategy, especially for the hardware specifications. But it now has to fix the bugs before we can whole-heartedly accept it as an OS as in comparison to Android and to the iOS.” – Terence Huynh

HTC 7 Trophy / 7.5
“The phone is pretty much a cheaper version of the HTC Mozart, carrying similar specifications with the exception of the camera and the design; and because of the non-differences between Windows Phone 7, it makes it harder to distinguish which one is good” – Terence Huynh

HTC 7 Mozart / 8.0
“However, while it may be argued that it is a waste of time to develop for a lackluster OS, the phone helps push the idea that Microsoft has started to change. So it is a good introduction phone for the OS, and hopefully the OS continues to change to make this even better.” – Terence Huynh

TEGA Tablet V2 / 8.0
“This tablet was fantastic. It is a huge improvement over the 1st generation tablet and the thing I loved the most, the fan exhaust is on top of the tablet!” – Stewart Wilson

Fable III Traitor’s Keep DLC / 7.6
“The Traitor’s Keep DLC is a great addition to the game with including a storyline after the initial plot. With additional playtime and collectibles the DLC gives the player an excuse to play Fable III again.” – Gabriel Huynh

WD TV Live Hub / 8.5
“The WD TV Live Hub is a great addition to the range of media players from Western Digital. It’s a great improvement from the WD TV Live. It’s an extremely powerful device, extremely easy to use and very portable.” – Stewart Wilson

iMac 27″ / 8.5
“The iMac 27″ may look huge and intimidating at first look but once you get to use it, you will love it for everything it can do.” – Stewart Wilson

Pokemon Black and White / 9.2
“Well fifteen years have affected the Pokémon franchise dearly, but not a negative way. For you devoted Pokémon fans you will feel a slight challenge with the increase of AI intelligent.” – Gabriel Huynh

Parallels Desktop 6 Switch to Mac Edition / 9.0
“All in all, I believe Parallels Desktop 6 is a great product for the mac to virtualise your guest operating system. Whether you transfer your old PC to your mac or you simply install a new operating system, Parallels Desktop 6 caters for any use.” – Stewart Wilson

Halo: Reach Defiant Map Pack DLC / 8.9
“I applaud the creators for their magnificent work. Not only does it show off their creative, map designing skills, but also shows how Certain Affinity and 343 Industries have done a great job in making maps as good as Bungie” – Adrian Cajili (w/ Gabriel Huynh)

Nokia E7 / 7.5
“The phone takes several cues from the Nokia N8. Despite the above-average features and excellent hardware, the phone is still let down by the operating system’s performance and usability… Nokia still has a long way to go” – Terence Huynh

Sony Handycam HDR-CX700VE / 6.9
“Overall, with a price tag of $1,799, you’re not getting very much – other than a bigger capacity and GPS… It’s alright, but can be better – especially for that price.” – Terence Huynh

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX7 / 8.0
“This camera is, despite its thin body, is packed with features that make it one in a few good cameras in a crowded market. With its price tag of $329, it makes this a must buy for those who simply want a camera that just works, with a little bit of extra stuff in between – like the 3D.” – Terence Huynh

Norton Internet Security 2011 / 8.5
“Norton Internet Security 2011 is a great improvement from previous versions and offers a full suite of tools to keep your computer protected from nasty viruses. With impressive results, NIS 2011 is a great security option for users.” – Stewart Wilson

Xbox 360 Kinect / 8.9
“With this latest accessory for the Xbox 360 the Xbox 360 Kinect adds a new perspective to games for the future. From many genres for games Microsoft have made the Xbox 360 a causal gaming console, similar to the Nintendo Wii” – Gabriel Huynh

Jawbone Jambox / 9.0
“A great sounding speaker which continues to impress us every song. It has an extremely high quality build, great sounding speakers and portable design.” – Stewart Wilson

Nintendo 3DS / 7.5
“While I absolutely adored the Nintendo 3DS hardware, a lack of quality launch titles, the small battery and the headaches I received from the 3D effect left me underwhelmed.” – Chris Southcott

LA Noire / 8.8
“Gamers who were expecting a Red Dead Redemption or GTA game will probably be a little disappointed but the epic storyline and detailed Los Angeles city, makes this a truly enthralling game.” – Ashton Bernard

Acer Iconia A500 / 7.5
“The Acer Iconia A500 is a great tablet for browsing the web and playing games, with moderate battery life and a fast processor. We recommend this tablet if you are looking for one, however, there are some better alternatives out there.” – Stewart Wilson

Telstra Smart Touch / 7.5
“The Telstra Smart-Touch is a fantastic phone in the under $100 range and it offers features that an expensive smart phone would. At only $99, it’s a great buy.” – Stewart Wilson

Jawbone ERA / 9.0
“The Jawbone ERA is a new and funky Bluetooth headset with a built-in accelerometer, great noise cancellation features and automatic volume control. Even though it’s a bit pricey, i’ll be recommending this to anyone who needs a Bluetooth headset.” – Stewart Wilson

Portal 2 / 10.0
“This is honestly my game of the year (so far). And I seriously doubt that will change. It’s witty, original, challenging and 100% entertaining. It’s a must have game. And I don’t throw that around all too often.” – Chris Southcott

Nokia C7 / 7.0
“Compared to other Nokia phones, this phone feels somewhat of the middle. It has improvements from other phones, including a screen that is actually responsive. But its camera, normally Nokia’s strong suit, is not on par with its fellow siblings.” – Terence Huynh

Choiix Power Fort / 9.0
“The Power Fort is a fast, powerful USB charger that is aimed at your traveler more than your city hang-around boy. If used carefully you will be able to charge your phone twice from around 30% to full.” – Tom Solari

Motorola XOOM / 7.5
“The Motorola XOOM is a good competitor around Android tablets, and most likely one of the better ones coming to Australia… the iPad still dominates because of its simplicity and apps – something that Android and Motorola XOOM somewhat struggle.” – Terence Huynh

iStorytime – Transformers and Smurfs / 8.0
“These applications are simple, easy-to-use and fun. They bridge the gap between the centuries-old tradition of retelling stories with modern technology and allow the user to learn new words.” – James Wilson

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron / 9.0
“For games of this genre, the mechanics are usually important and graphics is just icing on the cake. El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, despite the confusing game mechanics and controls a bit off-putting initially, is a simple game to play and quite fun.” – Gabriel Huynh

Forza Motorsport 4 / 9.0
“If you are hungry for a serious car simulation game, then Forza 4 is for you. It’s packed with amazing detail, a buffet of settings and fine-tuning options, it looks beautiful and can be enjoyed by anyone. Hardcore and casual gamers can easily have fun playing it as well as a challenge.” – Chris Southcott

NETGEAR DGND3700 N600 Wireless Modem Router / 7.5
“If your looking to upgrade your home network to Gigabit and Wireless N, this router would be great upgrade. The features and connectivity provided are speedy and easy to use but we aren’t too fond on the modem’s performance.” – Stewart Wilson

Nokia N9 / 8.0
“If we disregard the dead-on-arrival situation of this phone, it is one of the better Nokia smartphones for the past five years. The MeeGo OS solves many of the gripes of Symbian, which was one of the big let downs for Nokia’s smartphones” – Terence Huynh

Dance Central 2 / 9.0
“With its wide range of tracks, professional dance moves and amazing game mechanics, Dance Central 2 is arguably one of the best dance games to ever be released.” – Adrian Cajili

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary / 8.9
” You are constantly reminded of how large the Halo universe is, how far it has come, and seeing the craftsmanship and dedication that 343 Industries put into this game gets me personally excited of what else they can bring to the fore.” – Ashton Bernard (w/ Adrian Cajili)

WOWee One Slim Portable Speakers / 7.5
“Despite the novelty factor, it is a great sounding speaker and is perfect for those who want to travel light and listen to music without the headphones and not use the crappy speakers on your iPod touch or any smartphone speaker.” – Terence Huynh

Assassin’s Creed Revelations / 8.5
“This is quite possibly the best game in the franchise and is a truly great game. However… although it is a great game, one cannot help but to feel that the changes are just too small to let it stand out from the crowd.” – Nicholas Munro

Motorola RAZR / 8.0
“The phone’s camera is disappointing at best and the size may be a bit too big, but for those wanting a design-conscious phone like everyone did for the predecessor, then this one should be considered.” – Terence Huynh

Zune Pass / 7.5
“I love Zune Pass as an unlimited music service for such a tempting price a month, especially for me because I spend at least $10 a month on iTunes or Bandit.fm. But it’s so locked down to the Microsoft ecosystem” – Chris Southcott

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