2010 – Adolescence meets the Internet: Lookout! (Pt 1)

2010 – Adolescence meets the Internet: Lookout! (Pt 1)


The 00’s – what a decade. Filled with ups and downs. Bubbles and bursts. Revolutions and extinctions. Moving into 2010, I thought it nice to start a little series called 2010 – Adolescence meets the Internet. This series will look at what we can expect from 2010 and beyond while reflected on the 00’s.

Today’s article looks at the cloud and it’s possibility of extending all mobile phones. To help us with this, we will look at an exciting new product called Lookout [previously known as flexilis].

Lookout does what the picture says: protects your phone. AV, firewall and data backup, all from one piece of software. This software is currently in beta stage but it struck me that there is a definite connection between the cloud and mobile devices. Sure there’s the almighty iPhone and it’s less-intuitive friends the Blackberry and Nokia’s E63 models, but most people these days still have simple flip-top phones that provide a very poor experience compared to smartphones. For many, this is because of the fact that money issues prevent them from being able to own such devices. But that does not mean they have to miss out on any features. Enter Lookout.

Lookout is a unique, all-in-one, free service that [will] provide support for hundreds of mobile phones that have 3G and data support. How – well that part is still coming to light. What I can tell you is:

  • The software is in beta (at time of writing)
  • It will/does/may soon support for over 80% of phones
  • It backs up a variety data including SMS’, documents, videos and photos

Lockout also extends the average Joe’s backup capability by providing “MobileMe”-style features including:

  • Locate – using Google Maps, Lookout can find your phone wherever, whenever
  • Scream – quirky name, great results. Put simply, it activates the Lookout alarm mechanism by either message, sound or both
  • Nuke – Armageddon for your phone at least. Nuke remotely wipes it from the web browser.

So why look so much at this product? Easy – it’s free, powerful and free.

Lookout also protects against things not even some of us here at TG are aware of! Lookout brings AV, Attack Protection and Data Protection to your phone. That’s right – Attack Protection; on a phone! Why? In this day and age where not having a phone is silly, hackers are becoming wary and more interesting in the mobile phone IP spectrum, as demonstrated on unsecured, jailbroken iPhones in the Netherlands. Lookout brings the cloud closer to you by protecting you from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (yes, Bluetooth), SMS and other attacks – making you feel a bit nostalgic towards Windows? Well don’t be. In the next part of today’s article, I shall conclude looking at Lookout and more into other products that bring the mobile phone and web together.

Go on, check in at Lookout’s Website

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