Giveaways Official Rules

Those participating in a Giveaway (the “Entrant”) agree to fully and unconditionally agree to the official rules of the giveaway. Violations to the official rules, will see the participant’s entry voided. In order to enter a giveaway, you do not need to pay to enter. How to enter in the giveaway is provided in the relevant post/announcement of a giveaway – on the website, on any social networking platform or via email communication.

Giveaway Sponsor

The Giveaway Sponsor is Reawaken Media (the “Sponsor”).


Reawaken Media’s Competitions and Giveaways (the “Giveaways”) are only open to individuals who are legal residents of the Commonwealth of Australia and are 18 years of age or older, or 16 years or older with permission from their parent or guardian.

Employees of Reawaken Media, AlfaHosts Group and, advertising and/or promotional agencies involved in the giveaway, or those involved in the production, development, implementation, or handling of a Giveaway, are not eligible to participate in the Giveaway. In addition, the parent companies or those acting on behalf (as an agent) are also not eligible. Those who are immediate family members (spouse, parents, siblings, children, aunts, uncles, cousins) and household members (related or not related) of the above are also not eligible.

Eligibility of a Giveaway that is sent via digital delivery, however, is open to all participants internationally, including those living in the Commonwealth of Australia, with the exception of those who have been sanctioned by the United Nations or Commonwealth of Australia, or in Puerto Rico, and where it is prohibited by law.

Prize Winning

Once a winner is selected, the Sponsor will contact the winner within 24 hours of the announcement. Once the email has been sent by the Sponsor, the winner will have 3 days (72 hours) to respond to the email with their full name, contact phone number, age and postal address. The winner should then receive an email from the Sponsor confirming the postage of the item.

If we do not receive confirmation from the winner within 72 hours, the Sponsor may pick an alternate winner. The original winner gives up the prize and is unable to claim it back.

General Conditions

The Sponsor cannot guarantee that the product will be in the condition of what the prize winner expects, as this depends on numerous factors – such as mail damage or the state it is in when received by a partner. The Entrant agree to release and hold harmless the Sponsor and their partners from and against any claims or cause of action rising out of participating in the Giveaway, such as, but limited to:

  1. Unauthorised human intervention, where the Giveaway has been compromised;
  2. Technical errors related to computers, servers, providers, or telephone or network lines;
  3. Errors in the text of the Giveaway, such as printing errors;
  4. Errors in the administration of the Giveaway or the processing of the entries;
  5. Lost, late, postage-due, misdirected or undeliverable mail; or,
  6. Injury or damage to persons or property that may have been caused, directly or indirectly, from the Entrant’s participation in the Giveaway or the receipt of any prize.

The Entrant also gives permission for the Sponsor to publish the Winner’s name, likeness, picture, portrait, voice, opinions, biographical information, state of residence for promotional, publicity or advertising purposes in any media and on the World Wide Web, in perpetuity, without payment, consideration, review or consent (where allowable by law).

Disputes and Liability

The Entrant waives his right to claim any damages whatsoever, including, but not limited to, punitive, consequential, direct or indirect damages. Except where prohibited, the Entrant agrees that any and all disputes, claims and causes of action arising out of, or connected with, the Giveaway or any prize awarded shall be resolved in a court located in the State of Victoria, in the Commonwealth of Australia. All issues and questions concerning the validity, construction, interpretation and enforceability of the rules, the Entrant’s rights and obligations, or the Sponsor’s rights and obligation, are constructed and are governed by the laws of the State of Victoria.


The Sponsor has the right to change the Giveaway Rules at any time, with the exception during a Giveaway is currently active. It is up to the Entrant to read the Giveaway Rules before entering. Reawaken Media, however, does have the right to end a Giveaway early if unforeseen circumstances have arisen.

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