About the techgeek.com.au Contributor Network

Apart from the full time writers we have on the site, we allow people to write on our site in order to share their technological passion or provide their take on the technology news, gadgets or trends, or report on stories that we might have missed.These people are part of our newly formed techgeek.com.au Contributor Network (TGCN).

As a member of the techgeek.com.au Contributor Network, they follow simple guidelines:

  • Their posts must be original and cannot a copy from another site, unless it is their personal site.
  • Their posts must not be an advertisement for a service or product – companies who wish to do so can write their own and pay for a “Sponsored Post” placement. These follow separate rules as part of our Editorial Guidelines.
  • Their posts can contain profanity, it must not use sexist, racist or xenophobic language to make their point across.

In addition, members of the techgeek.com.au Contributor Network can represent techgeek.com.au in rare moments where our editors are not available. If they are, they are bound by similar conditions placed on our editors in our Editorial Guidelines. For all other cases, members of this network cannot not and should not misrepresent themselves as a person representing the techgeek.com.au Editorial Staff. However, members can represent themselves as a member of the Contributor Network.

Members of the Contributor Network are unpaid and work for free. The Contributor Network is set up to get small bloggers to be able to add their voice to the tech cycle – and yes, big name bloggers can also use us to have their opinions sprouted out.

If you wish to be part of our Contributor Network, feel free to send off an email. Don’t forget to add your name and three pieces of previous writing and we may consider you as being part of the network.

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